Trent, James, Rick, Max, Tom, Jeff, Matt, Andy

This is a blog that re-tells some of the stories that unfolded as eight men from Saddleback Church went on a PEACE trip to Kigali, Rwanda in June 2017.

This was an all men’s PEACE trip that set out to inspire and to be inspired. The eight of us partnered with God, we said “yes” to Jesus’ invitation, and we journeyed over 9,000 miles across the world in order to encourage and to be encouraged. The PEACE Plan strategy is a long term mission strategy that sends volunteers on short term missions with the goal to assist local churches by empowering, encouraging, and equipping them to be sustainable long after the short term volunteers are gone. The local church is key. We worked with multiple local churches, we encouraged orphans, widows, and homeless people. We spoke at men’s conferences, helped lead worship, prayed with pastors and parents, and lead parent training seminars for parents who have adopted children into their families. We lead devotions, preached sermons, and visited families in their village homes.

Rwanda, you have our heart. You are a proud nation rebuilt on forgiveness and reconciliation. You are a model for unity and strength. Oh how we love the global Church, the body of Christ. Rwanda, you not only have our hearts, you have our attention, and you have our respect. We have learned from you Rwanda, and we hope that we have left a small mark on you. Forever we will sing and dance together and for eternity we will worship our King together! We hope to return to you soon!